Student Profile

Our goal is to provide our students with the best environment, in which they can develop their talent and inspire people around them, and to guide our pupils to understand that everyone has something they are good at. It is important that they set out on the correct path, essentially take a step in the right direction,
which is why we strive to ensure that our students are:

Universally educated

Education is undoubtedly an important aspect of life, which is why we give our pupils difficult academic challenges, which will prepare them for the best schools and for life after they graduate.


Social responsibility is an oft-mentioned topic and there is a reason for this. By taking part in volunteer activities and helping others, we teach students that it is not only important to take, but also to give.

Polite and cultured

Politeness and courtesy are the basis for understanding. This is why we teach our students to behave in a cultured and polite manner.


Organisation is an important requirement for career success. This is why studying at Tip Toes does not mean simply attending school from eight until three. Pupils organise some of their time themselves, which will help them organise their time later on in life.


We now know that there is not always just one right answer to a problem. This is why we help pupils approach solutions creatively and motivate them to come up with new ideas.


We develop our pupils’ responsibility by allowing them to decide how they will achieve their goals themselves from the onset, which means that they are partially responsible for their own education.

Persistent and resilient

Persistence is certainly important for achieving success in everyone’s personal life. We teach students that it is ok if something is not a success right away, but that they will achieve their goal if they keep trying.


We achieve our students’ independence by teaching them how to learn. Most people probably forget what they learnt at primary school, but you never forget how to be independent.