The Primary School’s Education Programme

We have prepared our own education programme for students at Tip Toes:

Description of the school education programme:

Our education programme: “A step in the right direction”, is based on the differentiated teaching of students depending on their talent, potential and interests, focusing on learning the English language. We teach English using the CLIL method, which we begin to implement from the 1st year and thereby create a natural environment for teaching specialised subjects to all the students and simultaneously developing their language skills within a bilingual environment.

About the CLIL method:

The CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method is a trend in the European education system and is one of the potential methods used for bilingual education. Innovations in the Finnish curriculum in the middle of the nineteen nineties can be considered the origin of the modern CLIL method.

Field code: 79 – 01 – C / 01 Primary School
The program was created according to the Framework Educational Program for Basic Education
(File no. 31 504 / 2004-22, as amended File no. 27 002 / 2005-22, File no. 24653 / 2006-24 and File no. 15 523 / 2007-22)

All primary school documents are publicly accessible in the school director’s office.