Tip Toes Primary and Lower Secondary School

We have prepared our own education programme under the name of
“A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION” for pupils at Tip Toes.


The Tip Toes Primary and Lower Secondary School provides its pupils with an excellent foundation for continuing their studies at the second stage of secondary school, or for studying at 8-year grammar schools, grammar schools specialising in the English language or at bilingual primary schools.

The Tip Toes School’s education plan is based on successive steps, which guide pupils from preschool to successful completion of their studies in their 9th year of school. During their education we place emphasis on developing skills, which are crucial for education, such as communication, work and social competence.

We guide our pupils to cooperate in groups, to becapableof appreciating themselves and their classmates and also to beaware of their strengths and work on potential weaknesses. In an inspirational environment we manage to bring up healthy, confident pupils with an active approach to education and the ability to conduct a dialogue, listen and defend their opinionsthroughreasoning. Thanks to their logical and critical way of thinking, they are capableof subsequently assessing their own progress.

Graduates of our school are healthy, confident personalities, who are aware of their own potential, with an understanding for multicultural society. They behave considerately to people around them, they strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, cultivate their interests and spend their time meaningfully.