Student Profile

Our goal is to provide our students with the best environment, in which they can develop their talent and inspire people around them, and to guide our pupils to understand that everyone has something they are good at. It is important that they set out on the correct path, essentially take a step in the right direction,
which is why we strive to ensure that our students are:

Universally educated

J. A. Komenský strove for all students being universally educated. We also consider this point to be very important. We therefore offer interesting and extensive teaching methods (CLIL method, project teaching, Hejné method, etc.), thanks to which our students are able to face not only their academic challenges, but they can also solve real-life problems.


With year-round school events (Summer/Winter shows, school trips, Apple Harvest, Halloween, etc.) we support mutual cooperation and help between students across all years of our school. We are also involved in many volunteer activities.

Polite and cultured

Politeness and courtesy are the basis for understanding. This is why we teach our students to behave in a cultured and polite manner.


Our students are motivated to be involved in group activities and larger school-wide projects so that they are able to organize their work and time as efficiently as possible. In our school, the bell is also not used for the beginning and ending lesoons, which gives teachers and eventually students some space for different time management. The ability to be organized indicates a prerequisite for success in career life.


As there is often not only one correct answer to a problem, we use modern teaching approaches (e.g. Hejný method) to motivate our students being creative while solving problems, discuss with others and come up with innovative ideas.


Thanks to our long term lesson plans and other forms of retrospective self-evaluation or reflections, we guide our students to set rational academic goals so that they are able to achieve them in the future and thus they can realize the importance and responsibility for their own progress in education.

Persistent and resilient

It is not important how long the journey to the result took, but what quality result we achieved thanks to it and what the mistakes taught us along the way. Using correctly grasped “error work”, we motivate our students to prevent unnecessary fear and, on the contrary, to persevere in achieving their academic goals.


Teaching students about independence, whether in the area of achieving educational goals or in normal school functioning, is only possible if we also teach them about responsibility for their behavior and give them enough space formed by mutual trust.