Tip Toes Preschool Stará Boleslav

TIP TOES preschool is intended for children of all nationalities aged from 2 to 6 years.
Our education programme under the name of “A Step in the Right Direction” is certified by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.


You will find 3 British classes at our Tip Toes preschool (the children are placed in classes by age)

The teaching staff consists of qualified Czech teachers, native English speaking teachers and school assistants (English speakers) with experience in the field of preschool pedagogy. Educational activities gradually take place entirely in English. The educational goals correspond to the framework education programme for preschools and also include elements of the British national curriculum and are integrated into our school’s education programme under the name of “Malými krůčky k velké budoucnosti – Little steps to big future”. Our curricula respect the principles of EYFS(Early Years Foundation Stage Framework), which is an English preschool education programme. EYFS includes all the areas of the child’s development: it places emphasis on development of personality (social and emotional aspects), communication, including motoric skills, mathematics, literature, knowing about the world and development in artistic areas. We try to ensure that each child develops its potential as much as possible.

The door is always open to parents at Tip Toes preschool. We are interested in your questions and suggestions and we appreciate your interest in your child’s education.

We want our pupils to be….happy, confident, sociable, independent, curious, courageous and to acquire a wide range of skills.

Teachers use the most modern technologies, including interactive white boards, during all activities, not just education. Teaching equipment, teaching materials and books are mostly from Great Britain.

The morning programme at TIP TOES preschool is more academically orientated and promotes independent discovery by the children and a constructivist approach, focusing mostly on developing social, language, reading and mathematic literacy using appropriate, playful methods.

The afternoon programme is filled with various activities, which includes lessons in tennis, horse-riding, cycling, golf, cooking, ceramics, Krav Maga, athletics, making decorations and a variety of other activities, which we regularly alternate, mainly depending on what the children are interested in. Some activities take place at our preschool facility, others take place outside the building at carefully selected partner facilities. We travel to these activities by hired minibus. The minibus is fitted with seatbelts and child seats for each child.

Czech programme at our preschool

The daily programme for each child at our preschool also includes a Czech programme. Small groups of the younger children work with our Czech teacher in the morning. The “Foxes” and “Rabbits” classes have two hours of Czech language a week (8:45 – 9:45). Children in the “Foxes” class are also given regular homework, which is an important step in preparation for their transition to the first year of primary school.

This allows us to help children develop skills, which will be their entry ticket to an easy and happy start in their first year in primary school. At the end of preschool age, the children are ready to start their 1st year in school not only in Czech but also with communication skills in English. Children whose native language is English also acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to start the first year of school in the Czech Republic with the necessary language skills in Czech.

Our preschool is located in a peaceful part of Stará Boleslav, next to the forest at the address: Lesní 1595, 250 01 Stará Boleslav.

The entrance to our preschool has an IT bell on the entrance doors to the preschool complex, so please don’t hesitate to come and visit us at any time.

We look forward to seeing you!