Afternoon activities

Afternoon activities are included in the school fees along with the transportation.
Tip Toes British Preschool uses buses with seat belts from private company Petřík.

British classes:


Athletics lessons take place in the schoolyard and in the forest in Stará Boleslav. Lessons are led by a professional instructor who has experience with different age groups. Children learn simple athletics exercises, they improve their physical fitness and gain team spirit while playing fun sports games.

Tuesday: TENNIS

The children get a chance to play tennis along with professional instructors on the real tennis court in Stará Boleslav (in Houštka)! They will develop their physical skills and learn how to use tennis rackets correctly.


Singing lessons are led by our music teacher from Tip Toes Primary School. Children will not only learn to sing songs in English and Czech, but they will also play on “Orff’s” instruments.

Thursday: ARCHERY

This club has become very popular among children. Besides funny competions and tasks, they learn throwing, catching and aiming on a target.


KRAV MAGA lessons are led by professional instructors in the school garden. KRAV MAGA for children is suitable for situations they may stumble across in their everyday life. This includes scenarios between children and their peers, as well as situations that may arise with an adult.