TIP TOES Vinohrady is a Czech-British Preschool that caters for children of all nationalities from 2 to 6 years old. Our educational program is accredited by the Ministry of Education. 

TIP TOES Vinohrady is located in a quiet residential area on the ground floor, surrounded by a lovely garden that has been turned into a fantastic playground with many opportunities for outdoor fun and creativity.

The interior has been created in conjunction with well known architects. We have prepared a beautiful space including well equipped classrooms with the latest technology, a cosy library, an atelier for our arts and crafts activities, a designer bathroom and also a spacious gym!

Our employees are qualified and experienced English and Czech teachers with an individual approach to each child using a range of educational resources from the UK.

A variety of exciting after school activities at no further cost. Professionalism, a high level of education, above standard facilities, whilst not forgetting a family atmosphere is what makes Tip Toes special.

“Little steps to a big future”