We offer a high quality British programme for preschool education based on the British National Curriculum and also a high quality preschool education in Czech language. The school curriculum in Czech language is processed according to RVP PV (educational program for preschool education). In all of the classes our aim is to ensure the individual needs of each child. We also use fun and educational activities to increase children’s potential, and most importantly, ensure that each child feels happy and successful in our school – Tip Toes – “Little steps to a big future”.

Daily Timetable


After sorting their coats and bags, the children will be greeted by their teacher and enter the classroom. Then they will have time to free play, speak to friends and settle into the school day.


Morning program (9:00 – 13:00):

Circle Time- These lessons will include inputs on mathematics, phonics, physical development, music and understanding of the world.


Morning Snack


Free Flow: children have the opportunity to independently investigate a variety of learning stations. They will also work with their teacher in a small group completing an activity linked to the earlier lesson input.


Children go outside.


Lunch Time (Provided by Bionea.

12:45 – 13:15

Brushing teeth.

Pick – up time for children from the morning program.


Afternoon program (13:15 – 17:00)


Children listen to a story and have time to rest or participate in quiet activities.

Sleeping for those who sleep.


Children have time to free play.

Depending on the weather this part of their day may be outside.


Afternoon Snack


Clubs: Each day the children get the opportunity to participate in a different club. These will include Ceramics, Dance, Krav Maga, Art and many more.


Children have time to free play and relax before going home.