TT Preschool Vinohrady
Week 1. 18.7. – 22.7. 2022
Week 2. 25.7. – 29.7. 2022
Week 3. 8.8. – 12.8. 2022
Week 4 15.8. – 19.8. 2022

Under the sea

Jump into the Tip Toes submarine and dive down deep into the world’s oceans and seas. We’ll mingle with mermaids, creep through coral reefs, swim with shoals of fish and parade with pirates! Pack your swimming costumes and sun cream and come to explore the world beneath the waves with us!
Trip to the aquarium!

Dino discovery

Time machines at the ready! We’re travelling back to the prehistoric period when dinosaurs roamed the land; watch out for the hungry T-Rex and beware of the Brontosaurus’s big feet! We’ll become paleontologists and uncover fossils and dinosaur bones – and maybe discover some extinct species too!
Trip to Dino Park!

1,2,3 Go!

On your marks, get set…go! Grab your trainers as we prepare for a week of athletics and sport. We’ll celebrate the Olympic games and take part in different sports and physical activities. Come and join us for a week of sporty fun where surely everyone in attendance will be a gold medal winner at the Tip Toes Olympic games!
Trip to an athletics track!


Put your thinking caps on! This week we’ll enjoy STEM activities, do some coding, hone our robotics skills and even launch some rockets! Working inside and outside the classroom, we’ll learn how things move. Experiments, games and discovery are the focus of this week as we encourage the next generation of scientists!
Lego workshop at Kiddum!


Karolína Vondrová
Preschool Manager
tel. +420 731 390 111