Tip Toes Primary School operates according to its own curriculum called


Curriculum Characteristics

“Step in the Right Direction” was specially created for teaching students according to their abilities, talents and interests with a focus on the acquisition of English language teachers – native speakers. The CLIL method is implemented in teaching most subjects from 1st class (Year One). Our goal is to ensure creating a natural environment for teaching vocational subjects while developing their language skills in a bilingual environment.

The CLIL method

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is an important curricular trend in contemporary European education and is one of the strategies of bilingual education. The birth of this modern method can be considered news in the Finnish curriculum in the mid-1990s.

Code field of 79 – 01 – C / 01 Elementary School The programme was created by the General framework for Basic Education (Ref. 31504 / 2004-22, as adapted Ref. 27002 / 2005-22, No. 24 653 / 2006-24 and no. 15523 / 2007-22).

All Primary School documents are available for public in principal’s office.