Tip Toes Primary School is a Czech-British Primary School registered under the faculty school of Charles University, Faculty of Education. Tip Toes Primary School first opened their doors in September 2013. Tip Toes Primary School is a bilingual school with education in Czech and English languages from first class. TTPS became a Czech British Primary and Lower Secondary School in September 2018.

Tip Toes Primary School’s curriculum is accredited by the Ministry of Education. Our primary school is located in the renovated part of the faculty building in Brandýs nad Labem. In addition to regular classrooms the school uses also a gym, a dance studio, music hall, library and swimming pool. Tip Toes Primary school has its own dining room.

Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors, and with the latest computers / laptops with headphones and microphones. An internet connection is provided for the whole area. The school provides basics of computer control technology from the first class.
Lessons are led mostly in English according to certification EDCI (www.edcl.cz) within MS Office.