About us

At Tip Toes Preschool, we believe in giving every child the opportunity to reach their true potential. We are serious about education and are aware of the importance of children’s development at this age. We also know that children learn best when they are having fun! Our curriculum offers lots of exciting experiences and is based around the interests of the children. Our aim is help them become lifelong learners, to build on their self-confidence and teach them the necessary skills so they can independently investigate and pursue their curiosity. We want our students to be…happy, confident, sociable, independent, curious, interested, skilled and risk taker.

We have an open-door policy here at Tip Toes preschool. This means that you are welcome to speak to your child’s class teacher when ever you have a concern or need further information about their learning.

Our staff comprise of qualified English and Czech teachers. We have worked diligently building a curriculum that amalgamates the best of both educational approaches. The Early Years Foundation Stage is the framework used to teach children of a similar age in the UK. There are 3 core areas (Personal, Social & Emotion Development, Language & communication, Physical Development) and 4 Specific Learning Area (Literacy, Mathematical development, Knowledge the World, Expressive Art and Design). These help practitioners provide a curriculum which supports all areas of a child’s learning. ‘Child centred learning’ and ‘Learning through play’ are philosophies that are at the heart of our school’s vision. We want children to be engaged in their learning, so we provide them with lots of time to investigate different learning resources/activities that interest them.

We have a beautiful school building. Every classroom is well lit and offers plenty of natural light throughout the year. Our outdoor learning space is equipped with climbing apparatus, trampoline, large sand box, mud kitchen, cycling area and we even have a neighbouring horse. We are also fortunate to be located next to the forest, which acts as an additional classroom. The children enjoy going on adventures in the forest, building shelters, having picnics, and learning about nature. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school.